I’ve been teaching several courses at Yandex School of Data Analysis and Higher School of Economics.

AI in Video Games (HSE)

This course was focused on GameDev prospective of AI programming.

I was responsible for the technical part of the course - preparing seminars and assignments. We used Unreal Engine 4 as a main engine for implementing environments for AI agents. In final part of the course we coded RL agents in TensorFlow to apply them to set of different simple games (e.g. Pong, Alien Invaders, Racing).

C++ (HSE)

Course on C++ with C++11 and C++14 features. I was teaching one of the seminar groups, preparing seminar tasks showcasing language features and doing code reviews.

Discrete Optimization (YSDA)

Course on theoretical combinatorial and practical discrete optimization.

I was teaching practical part of the course, describing approaches to NP-hard problems, and preparing problems and grading for testing this approaches on 4 different optimization problems.

Teaching - Andrei Kashin